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About Ripple

Ripple provides a strategic, flexible, experienced and innovative engineering and architectural services. We are proven to give the desired product within time, budget and minimal risk if any. The expertise and experience of our team supplies our clients the confidence and assurance of their project being in the best possible hands. Ripple consists of a team of immensely talented personnels who are passionate about the creation and delivery of high quality commercial engineering solutions along with excellent support afterwards. We believe our approach and methodology of tackling a design task and accomplishing it, and hence clarifying the process thoroughly to the clients sets us apart from other consultants.


If you want to make a difference, you should be working for Ripple

We’re taking on tomorrow’s energy challenges, today. At Ripple, we continue to push the boundaries of technology, innovation and imagination to create positive change for our business and our planet. It’s not an easy job, but we believe that with the right people, passion and curiosity, it is possible.

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